Training courses

Our market development and training manager is travelling across the country with her border collie Chap and is bringing brand knowledge to men and women in a committed and humorous way. Our comprehensive training programme is aimed both at those who are new to dog nutrition and at experts, who for example would like to be able to correctly interpret lists of ingredients.

Regional trainings for our German market

Basic training dog nutrition (approx. 150 minutes)

This training imparts useful information on the topics of production, the raw materials used, the effect of particular raw materials, areas of application and quality control.

Dog nutrition – partl I – case studies (approx. 150 minutes)

Typical sales situations are simulated by using practical case studies.

Dog nutrition– part II – declarations (approx. 150 minutes)

How do you read an ingredients list correctly? What are the pros and cons of the different kinds of food? What arguments can be used to highlight our products?

Belcando® dog nutrition (approx. 150 minutes)

What is special about BELCANDO®? In this training we look in detail at the ingredients.

Our brands (approx. 120 minutes)

What is the difference between DOGLAND®, BEWI DOG®, BELCANDO® and aniVital® and which product do we recommend when?

Basic training cat nutrition (approx. 100 minutes)

What makes cat food different from dog food? This training is particularly recommended for people coming to cat food from a different background.

Leonardo® cat nutrition (approx. 120 minutes)

What is special about LEONARDO®? In this training we look in detail at the ingredients.

Advanced training cat nutrition – part III, case studies (approx. 150 minutes)

This training consists of raw materials science, food analysis and case studies.

AniVital (approx. 120 minutes)

For special cases there is our "secret weapon" of aniVital®. What do these products do and for which animals are they suitable?


Would you like to take part in a training course?

Our trainings are held in German language. Please contact our export team to inquire about brochures and information in foreign languages.

Online academy

Our online-training courses (only available in  German language) help to deepen and refresh your knowledge. You can complete this at home at any time, at your own convenience.

  • General nutrition
  • Cell protection/antioxidants
  • Nutrition for puppies/young dogs

You can find our online academy in the closed specialist dealer area of this web site. You will receive the login data after your registration as a partner. 


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