50th anniversary of BEWITAL petfood

Company celebrated with business partners and friends

Südlohn-Oeding. Fifty years of BEWITAL petfood: This was a perfect occasion for a get together of friends and business partners.

The anniversary started with a conference for 500 professional guests. Key notes were delivered by several designated experts, for example Prof. Dr. Cor Molenaar (RSM Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam) who spoke about “Opportunities and risks of Internet based distribution models”. In the evening business partners met for a gala dinner which ended with a spectacular fire show.

On the next day employees and their families were invited (altogether more than 700 guests) for a family day with lots of entertainment and tours of the production plant. The focus on family was an intended one: “Despite of our growth, it is of great importance to us keep the character of a family business. If there is something to discuss we sit together and find a solution.” said Dr. Jürgen Wigger, managing director of BEWITAL petfood.

Specialist for food for young animals

BEWITAL has a long tradition of quality. It was founded in 1963 by Bernhard Wigger. The son of a farmer, he initially focused on the livestock trade, but later decided to manufacture his own feed for rearing young animals. The milk replacer he developed was very popular in the market and led to strong growth of the company. BEWITAL rapidly became a specialist for feed for young animals, producing milk replacers for foals, lambs, kid goats and puppies as well as for calves.

Gala Dinner

The Wigger family applauds company founder Bernhard Wigger (2nd from right)

From milk replacers to pet food

Since 1985 BEWITAL has also produced food for dogs and cats – here as well, especially high-quality food under the brand names BEWI DOG® and BEWI CAT®. Particularly among canine sports enthusiasts and breeders, word rapidly spread that the dog food ensured optimal health and physical condition. Thus, during the first several years the majority of the products were sold to dog breeders and people engaged in canine sports. Beginning in 1996, sales through specialist dealers then supported the launch of the super-premium brands BELCANDO® (for dogs) and LEONARDO® (for cats).

Today, specialist pet shops with advisory services constitute the primary sales channel for BEWITAL pet food. This also applies to the special dog and cat supplements (now known as aniVital®), which have been produced since 1998. They are distinguished by excellent active substances as well as outstanding palatability.

The company today

In 1995, founder Bernhard Wigger transferred the management of the company step by step to the current managing director Dr. Jürgen Wigger. The ownership of the company was transferred to his children Ulrike Petershagen and Dr. Jürgen Wigger in 2001. Today, BEWITAL employs nearly 350 staff members in the various business units and has preserved the charm of a classic family-owned and -operated company with Grandma, Grandpa, the children and grandchildren.

June 2013

First truck Production facilities

The company's first truck (left), the modern production facilities (right)