MIX IT Recipe Ideas for Dogs

New cookbook offers recipes for raw feeding calculated precisely to the gramme

Cookbook titleA 'cookbook' especially for dogs: BELCANDO's new MIX IT brochure is addressed to dog owners whose furry family members like raw meat – whether fresh from the butcher, frozen or tinned. The colourful, illustrated 32-page brochure provides precisely calculated recipes adapted to the age and activity level of the dog. All feeding plans are extremely simple to implement, because the only ingredient dog owners need in addition to meat is BELCANDO® MIX IT.

The grain-and meat-free MIX IT croquettes meet the dog's complete daily requirement of additives and carbohydrates. Using them doesn't get any easier: simply combine 1 part MIX IT with 2 parts frozen or fresh raw meat, and you're done! The recipes in the MIX IT brochure specify precise quantities right down to the gramme for 'teenagers' (young dogs), 'ball players' (adult dogs with high activity levels) or 'best friends' (family dogs with normal activity levels).

The brochure is available free of charge from BELCANDO® dealers or as a download in PDF format here on this page.

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