BELCANDO® grain-free line with three new products

New grain-free products from BELCANDOA growing percentage of dog owners is concerned about grains in dog food and possible intolerances. Therefore German manufacturer BEWITAL petfood complements its successful BELCANDO® grain-free line with three new products:

JUNIOR GRAIN-FREE uses well-tolerated and energy-rich amaranth instead of grain. Other selected raw materials like low-ash poultry meat meal and chia seeds, rich in omega-3 fatty acids and prebiotics, provide balanced proportions of energy and minerals. JUNIOR GRAIN-FREE is intended for raising sensible young dogs from four months of age.

ADULT GRAIN-FREE OCEAN contains fish as single animal protein source. This variety is especially suitable for dogs with sensitivity to grain and to protein of land animals. The added krill is a particularly high-quality source of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

The smaller croquettes of FINEST GRAIN-FREE SALMON with krill and salmon are especially well-liked by small, finicky dogs. Valuable salmon oil with omega-3 fatty acids promotes healthy skin and fur.

Later this year BEWITAL petfood also launches its new range of BELCANDO® tabs – five varieties of tasty supplements. They specifically improve the supply of certain nutrients d vitamins to dogs with special problems or older dogs:

  • AGIL-Tabs with freeze-dried green-lipped mussels supports the joint metabolism
  • FIBER is especially rich in fiber and recommended for overweight dogs
  • DERM-tabs with Biotin promote healthy skin and fur
  • AGE-tabs contain nutrients known for their positive effect on age-related problems
  • VITAL-tabs support the dogs’ natural immune defense system

The new BELCANDO tabs and the new Grain-free varieties will be available in selected specialty pet stores from July on.

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