„Masterpiece“ with 80 % fresh meat

With MASTERCRAFT, the German premium manufacturer launches a new product line under its dog food brand BELCANDO®. The company does not use predried meat meals, grains or potatoes for the production of the new line, but only fresh meat complemented with holistic ingredients such as vegetables, fruits and berries as well as superfoods with a positive impact on a dog’s well-being. Another advantage: MASTERCRAFT comes in 5 different flavours one can easily combine and alternate for even more variety. The new products present themselves in an especially noticeable packaging equipped with a top slider for reclosure.

The company also presents the new MASTERCRAFT Toppings: Fresh meat chunks, gently cooked in their own juice as an additional highlight added to the daily portion of dry food.

The company announces a large-scale launch campaign for the new line, for which an elaborately produced video commercial has been developed. The commercial will be published on all relevant online channels, from YouTube to Facebook and Instagram in order to reach the intended target audiences. Further advertising methods include for example cooperations with a selection of relevant, qualitative and authentic influencers who will be supplied with a special trial bundle.

In addition, BEWITAL petfood extends its existing product lines:

The range of the BELCANDO® pouches is extended with the new varieties "Turkey with amaranth & peas" and "Rabbit with millet & sweet potato".

The range of the dog food brand BEWI DOG® is extended with two new wet food varieties, namely "Rich in beef" and "Rich in poultry hearts", which are available in 400 g as well as 800 g cans.

In the cat food segment, the range of the brand LEONARDO® is extended with the two wet food cans "Rich in duck" and "Rich in beef" who come in the familiar 200g and 400g sized cans. For the first time, BEWITAL petfood is adding three varieties ("Kitten", "Pure poultry" and the new "Rich in duck") in the more economic 800 g can, which has been a reaction to the numerous impulses of our multipet-houshold-clients and professional breeders.