Belcando MIX IT: New paths to raw feeding

MIX IT and meat

Many dog owners believe that dogs need raw meat. There are numerous options in this regard, including fresh from the butcher, frozen or tinned. The reasons for feeding dogs raw are likewise numerous. For most dog owners it is difficult to find a ready-made dog food that does not contain certain ingredients when their dog cannot tolerate them. These may include particular kinds of meats and grains, for example. For others, it’s simply a desire to offer more variety and to prepare their dog’s meals personally.

New MIX IT conceptHowever, what they all have in common is the problem that some ingredients required for a balanced diet may not be available in their pantries and preparation is time-consuming and difficult. BELCANDO® has the ideal solution to this problem: the completely balanced nutritional supplement BELCANDO® MIX IT.

The meatless MIX IT croquettes contain especially valuable and nutritious amaranth instead of grain as well as all additives your dog needs for a healthy diet. Moreover, BELCANDO® MIX IT contains many vital substances that can support the immune defence system as well as the intestinal flora or positively influence the quality of your pet’s skin and fur. Together with fresh, frozen or tinned meat, dog owners can now put together an appropriate menu as desired and don’t have to worry about the individual ingredients. This is also a big advantage for dogs who can eat only certain sources of protein.

It doesn’t get any easier to use: simply mix one part BELCANDO® MIX IT with two parts meat. Those who want even more convenience can use SINGLE PROTEIN tinned meat from BELCANDO® instead of fresh or frozen meat. These are tins of pure meat, available in the varieties beef, poultry, horse and kangaroo in 200 g and 400 g tins.


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