The grain-free novelty of BEWI DOG®

The trend towards grain-free products for dogs continues unabated. With the launch of BEWI DOG® sensitive GF, the manufacturer BEWITAL petfood offers a new product in order to target new audiences in the market.

With BEWI DOG® sensitive GF, the manufacturer provides an affordable but still qualitative solution for the nutrition of sensitive dogs. On top of its grain-free recipe, the new variety shines with an 80 % animal protein share of the total protein content. The only animal protein source applied is poultry, which contributes to an especially well digestibility.

Same as for all the other BEWI DOG® products, BEWITAL petfood issues their product guarantee for "sensitive GF": Made under strict quality controls in Südlohn, Germany; made with meat products fit for human consumption; no animal testing and no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.   




BEWI DOG® sensitive GF: The affordable alternative for everyone who prefers a grain-free nutrition.