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New food concepts for dogs

BEWITAL petfood presents new products at Interzoo Nuremberg

The Münsterland family firm BEWITAL petfood GmbH & Co. KG has had the courage to develop new ideas for a new group of customers: Complete supplement for raw meat foods and a highly efficient grain substitute for dogs with food intolerances.

The firm has been involved in animal nutrition since 1963. What first started as a small mixed feed plant to manufacture food for breeding developed over the decades into a specialist supplier for discriminating recipes, with our own laboratory and our own logistics. The latter incorporates about 10,000 parking spaces for pallets and a vehicle fleet of over 70 of our own trucks. Since the mid-1980s the company has successfully placed nine different premium and super-premium brands for dog and cat food in specialised retailers.

Today BEWITAL petfood GmbH & Co. KG is managed by Dr. Jürgen Wigger, together with his sister Ulrike Petershagen, in the second generation. "In the last few years we have made enormous efforts to develop holistic food concepts. That begins with selecting unique ingredients for our recipes. Here we focus on foods that have been enshrined in nature for many years. So for example we use chia seed for improved digestion or amaranth as a substitute for grain. The health benefits were already known to the Aztecs but have to some extent been forgotten again. These ingredients today come from sustainable cultivation", says Dr. Wigger. 

Neue ProdukteAt the Interzoo trade fair in Nuremberg (event hall 2 / booth 402) the company is presenting a series of new products, which are distinguished by this particular choice of ingredients. First and foremost three grain-free products which contain the aforementioned amaranth. "Just like the vegetables spinach, chard and beetroot, amaranth is part of the amaranth family and has a much higher level of important nutrients. Proteins, lysine as an essential amino acid, unsaturated fatty acids, mineral nutrients and trace elements are contained in much higher concentrations compared with other carbohydrates, like wheat for example. Amaranth is also gluten-free and is therefore also recommended by many doctors for small children with digestive problems. So we offer a real benefit compared with other grain-free products", says Dr. Christoph Deitert, responsible for product development.

In addition the company has developed a new food concept for raw meat feeding. According to company data many dog owners prefer to feed raw meat, or the so-called "Barf" diet, because they would like to exclude particular ingredients and therefore make up their own elimination diet.  In this way they can exclude e.g particular kinds of meat and grain. However, it is problematic for cooking food at home that some ingredients, which are needed for a balanced food, are not in pantries at home and preparation is time-consuming and demanding.

BELCANDO® has the right product for these problems: the fully balanced feed supplement BELCANDO® MIX IT. This is meatless food croquettes, which instead of grain contain particularly valuable and nutritious amaranth, and in addition all supplements that the dog needs for a healthy diet. Furthermore BELCANDO® MIX IT contains many vital substances which, as well as immune defence, can also support intestinal flora or which can have a positive influence on the skin and coat. Together with fresh, frozen meat or tinned meat, the dog owner can now draw up a suitable menu and does not have to worry about the individual ingredients. That is also a great benefit for those dogs who only tolerate particular sources of protein. "It's extremely easy to use: you mix one third BELCANDO® MIX IT with two thirds meat. Those who want more convenience can reach for the BELCANDO® Single Protein tins instead of raw meat or frozen meat. These are tins of single meats which are available in beef, poultry, horse and kangaroo", says Dr. Deitert.

In the future as well, the company will continue to rely on tried-and-tested help from nature, to have a positive influence on the well-being of its four-legged customers. 

Data and facts

BEWITAL petfood GmbH & Co.KG

Founded: 1963

Headquarters: Südlohn-Oeding, Germany

Owner: Dr. Jürgen Wigger, Ulrike Petershagen

The factory: own laboratory, vehicle fleet of about 70 trucks, warehouse with about 10,000 parking spaces for pallets 

The products: Dog and cat food from own production

The brands: BELCANDO®, LEONARDO®, BEWI DOG®, BEWI CAT®, aniVital®, DOGLAND®, FERNANDO Ferretfood

Sales area: Germany and the EU, 20 third countries


Bernd van der Linde (sales director int.) Tel. (0049) 2862-581-61, b.vanderlinde@bewital.de

BEWITAL petfood GmbH & Co. KG, Industriestraße 10, D-46354 Südlohn-Oeding,

Service phone number: (0049) 2862-581-92, www.bewital-petfood.de 

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Exhibition centre Nuremberg, May 17. - 20.: You'll find our booth in exhibition hall 2, booth 402.


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