Improved recipes without grain

BEWITAL petfood expands the BELCANDO® range for dogs with sensitivity to cereals and now offers even more fresh meat in recipes

Especially for nutritionally sensitive dogs and those suffering from a food intolerance or allergy to gluten or cereals, it is important to have a suitable alternative with a grain-free dog. That's why the Super Premium brand BELCANDO® has been offering products whose formulas completely dispense with grains for years. At the same time, the nutrition experts of the German manufacturer BEWITAL petfood are constantly working on new compositions and varieties. For this reason, the popular grain-free recipes will come with even more fresh meat and a new design onto the market in September. Dog owners can also look forward to the new BELCANDO® Adult GF Beef variety.

Adult GF Beef is the ideal food for dogs with food intolerances to gluten or cereals that prefer an alternative to poultry meat. In the formula, developed according to a holistic nutrition concept, the grain is replaced by high-quality amaranth, which contains significantly higher levels of important nutrients such as protein, lysine, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and trace elements. Valuable krill also provides many vitamins and is a natural source of highly digestible omega-3 fatty acids. The high proportion of fresh meat also makes Adult GF Beef particularly tasty, even for fussy dogs. The protein and fat content is adapted to the needs of adult dogs of all breeds with normal activity.  

BEWITAL petfood presents new grain-free recipes