The grain-free alternative for cats 

New product from BEWITAL petfood: LEONARDO® Grain-Free

LEONARDO grain-freeWhat do you do when the vet diagnoses “grain intolerance” or if your cat has a sensitive reaction to gluten? BEWITAL petfood is expanding its range to a grain-free super premium cat food alternative: Premium amaranth, one of man‘s oldest agricultural crops, which is extremely nutrient-rich and well tolerated, is used in LEONARDO® Grain-Free. By combining with linseed and krill, LEONARDO® Grain-Free cares for the skin and ensures a glossy coat – ideal for long-haired cats!

LEONARDO® Grain-Free is the grain-free alternative for adult cats over one year of age who are sensitive to grain. 85% consists of animal protein, of which 70 per cent is chicken and 15 per cent fish. Selected premium qualities are used, such as low-ash chicken meat and ground krill, the crustacean with “more from the sea”, which has vitalising omega-3 fatty acids and lecithin. ProVital also naturally stimulates the immune system, the concentrated vitamin C supplement STAY CLEAN™ cares for teeth when eating.

From April LEONARDO® GRAIN-free “Rich in Poultry” will be available in specialised pet shops. The 300 gram, 1.8 and 7.5 kilogram packages will appeal to households with one or more cats. To help sales, as well as handouts and an attractive launch promotion, BEWITAL petfood also provides its retailers with a time-limited special 125 gr sample package for an “introductory offer”.