LEONARDO® Dry cat food - because fresh tastes best

BEWITAL petfood modernizes its cat food brand LEONARDO® with an innovative production procedure, improved recipes and lots of fresh meat

Quite some time ago, cats have become more than just pets. Now, they are an integral part of their owner’s family. As long as their four-legged companions are doing well, the owners are happy, too. It’s clear that cats are carnivore and therefore need a good portion of meat in their diet. Trite but true: the fresher, the better!

To fulfill the cat’s need for meat in its diet, the German pet food manufacturer BEWITAL petfood developed the unique thermal-mix-procedure, which enables the processing of fresh meat for their dry cat food. During the process, the fresh meat gets gently steamed to maintain most of the vitamins and nutrients. The steaming process is comparable to steam-cooking, known from the modern health-conscious cuisine.

Today, resource-conserving and responsible production has become more important than ever. Therefore, BEWITAL sources the fresh meat preferably from regional suppliers, allowing even better quality controls for LEONARDO® and also reducing the traffic volume. But not only fresh meat makes the difference: Taste, acceptance, naturalness – all those aspects are highly relevant criteria for cat owners. The ability to gain access to ingredients, which are not available for multinational companies in sufficient quantities, allows the creation of unique cat food recipes. Ingredients like grapeseed flour and brewer’s yeast are not just healthy, but also contribute to a significantly higher acceptance among cats. Special vital components can also help to avoid an unpleasant doctor appointment: The vital component “ProVital” stimulates the immune system, while “StayClean™ “ cleans the teeth while chewing.

And what if your cat suffers from cereal intolerance or reacts sensitive towards gluten? BEWITAL added two new recipes without grain to their portfolio especially for cats with special dietary requirements. As one of only a few manufacturers, BEWITAL produces both wet and dry cat food in their own modern manufacturing facilities in the Muensterland area in Germany. Doing so allows BEWITAL to offer an ideal all-round package for any cat.

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