New from BEWITAL: Tasty treats for everyday use

Five new snacks as delicious treats for in-between, as rewards during training or as a teeth-cleaning snack are now available from BEWITAL Petfood under the brand name Daily Vario Nutrition.

The new snacks are particularly tasty and easily digestible. Naturally, the products are made exclusively of selected ingredients in Germany. The attractive packages are equipped with a transparent panel so that consumers can see what they are buying. The following varieties are available to specialist dealers:

  • Heart Snacks 120 g, the hearty snack for every day
  • Bone Snacks 120 g, chewy fun for in-between
  • Bacon Snacks 120 g, the ideal treat with loads of taste
  • Cheese Sticks 120 g, great for motivation in training
  • Denta Sticks 175 g, to support dental health


Daily vario nutrition snacks


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