As a medium-sized company we can use raw materials responsibly produced by BEWITAL, which are often not available for mass production in large corporate groups.

Our brands

Premium pet food for every budget – that is the standard that we set ourselves. You will find our brands exclusively in pet shops. We don't take part in price wars at discount store level but we focus on selected prime quality raw materials and we do without artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

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New recipes without cereals and a new variety

Especially for nutritionally sensitive dogs and those suffering from food intolerance or allergy to gluten or cereals, it is important to have a suitable alternative with a dog food without grains. For this reason, we have further improved our popular BELCANDO® grain free recipes: even more fresh meat, superfoods and a new design. Dog owners can also look forward to the new BELCANDO® Adult GF Beef variety.

Adult GF Beef is the ideal food for dogs with food intolerances to gluten or grains that prefer an alternative to poultry meat. In the formula, developed according to a holistic nutrition concept, the grain is replaced by high-quality amaranth, which contains significantly higher levels of important nutrients such as protein, lysine, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and trace elements. Valuable krill also provides many vitamins and is a natural source of highly digestible omega-3 fatty acids. The high proportion of fresh meat also makes Adult GF Beef particularly tasty, even for fussy dogs. The protein and fat content is adapted to the needs of adult dogs of all breeds with normal activity. 

BELCANDO® MASTERCRAFT - Our „Masterpiece“ with 80 % fresh meat

With MASTERCRAFT, we launche a new product line under the successful BELCANDO® brand. We do not use predried meat meals, grains or potatoes for the production of the new line, but only fresh meat complemented with holistic ingredients and superfoods.

  • 80 % fresh meat
  • 20 % holistic ingredients 
  • Formula without grains or potatoes
  • Made in Germany

We also present the new MASTERCRAFT Toppings: Fresh meat chunks, gently cooked in their own juice as an additional highlight added to the daily portion of dry food.


LEONARDO® has been named the top novelty of the year by the specialist trade

Only products able to convince consumers as well as distributors are legit contenders for this award. With the relaunch of the LEONARDO® assortment in 2016, we paved the way for our current success: Our unique production procedure enables the processing of large quantities of fresh meat for dry food production, which results in an exceptionally good acceptance by cats. The application of special ingredients like chia seeds, krill and amaranth in the recipes provides cats with additional benefits.

The investments in process technology, e. g. in building a cutting-edge production facility for wet food, already seem to be paying off. The opportunity to offer both dry as well as wet food from the same manufacturer is not very common in the industry, though in this manner, we have the ability to have an immediate impact on the quality of selected raw materials primarily sourced from regional suppliers.

The ‚pet magazine’ – specialist journal of the German pet industry – has now initiated the only poll for the fourth consecutive year, in which every specialised dealer of the industry is able to vote for the most convincing product innovation on the market. The winners of 2016/17 have been presented in issue 05/2017 of the pet magazine.

Miracle grain for dogs with allergies


Instead of grain, BELCANDO®'s new grain-free recipes contain valuable amaranth – one of man's oldest agricultural crops.

It was used by the Aztecs as a staple food and was even revered as a sacred plant because of its strength-giving properties. Compared with grain or potatoes, amaranth contains, in much higher concentrations:

  • Protein
  • Unsaturated fatty acids
  • Minerals
  • Important trace elements

Amaranth is produced from sustainable cultivation, is naturally gluten-free and is even well tolerated by small children with digestive problems. BELCANDO®'s nutritionists became aware of amaranth and use this valuable grain substitute in types of food for dogs who react sensitively to other grains.