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Quality management

Animal nutrition is a sensitive issue. We pay close attention to complying with all legal regulations and have, moreover, developed our own standards, with which we ensure that our raw materials

  • are of a consistently high quality
  • our food reaches an optimum storage life
  • that we produce in a humane and environmentally-friendly way.

BEWITAL pet food is not just any food. We stand out because of:


Highest IFS food certification

The certification according to the International Featured Standard Food (IFS Food) confirms a quality-, process- and hygiene management on a „higher level“ – the highest level you can achieve. The IFS is an international standard, approved by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), which puts animal feed and food on the same level. 

Best quality of raw materials

BEWITAL pet food mainly uses raw materials which come from regional agricultural firms and which are strictly controlled. The varied ingredients and special raw materials of our animal food are not available for large corporate groups in sufficient quantities and stable qualities.

Official health certificate

BEWITAL petfood is subject to a certified, administrative veterinary inspection. Regular quality control takes place in our own laboratory. That means that animals and meat products have been checked beforehand to make sure that they are hygienically harmless. Health risks, which can, for example, be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and antibiotic residues, are therefore excluded.

Free from additives which may cause allergies

Because our products are manufactured in Germany, we save ourselves needless food preservation. Our products contain no artificial colourings, flavourings or attractants that may cause allergies. Vitamic C is used as a natural antioxidant.

No use of soya groats and soya protein concentrate

BEWITAL petfood contains no sources of protein which are formed by processing soya.

No animal experiments

We guarantee when developing our products that we do not take part in any kind of experiment which inflicts harm on an animal. We only carry out the most pleasant kind of animal experiments: We give dogs and cats our animal food and record how much they enjoy eating it.

Certified quality

Our quality management and environmental standards are monitored by independent agencies. Please click on the icons/links to see the documents in detail.

GMP + B3 (Distribution)

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Energy Certification:

ISO 50001:2011 Certificate p. 1

ISO 50001:2011 Certificate p. 2