BEWITAL petfood Mitarbeiter am Extruder

is no coincidence

We protect our productivity by investing in forward-looking and resource-conserving technology. Our production is characterised by responsibility towards man and environment.

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regionale Rohstoff-Lieferanten

Wherever possible we procure our raw materials from regional agricultural firms, who, just like us, are connected to animals and to nature.

Regional raw material suppliers

BEWITAL pet food mainly uses raw materials which come from regional agricultural firms and which are strictly controlled. The varied ingredients and special raw materials of our animal food are not available for large corporate groups in sufficient quantities and stable qualities.

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werkseigenes Labor

Animal nutrition is a sensitive issue. We pay close attention to complying with all legal regulations and have, moreover, developed our own standards.

Own laboratory

BEWITAL petfood is subject to an administrative veterinary inspection, which is certified by a health certificate. In the factory’s own laboratory, we check the quality of the raw materials which we receive. This eliminates health risks, which could be caused for example by bacteria, viruses, fungi and antibiotic residues.

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BEWITAL petfood Mitarbeiter am Extruder

The extruder - the centerpiece

The extruder is the heart of our production. Here the ready mixed ingredients are gently cooked by using pressure and steam and pressed through forming discs (see photo above). Depending on the disc used, small croquettes are produced, for example for puppies and cats, up to hefty chunks for large dogs.

BEWITAL petfood Dosenetikettierung

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Dry and moist food

Our sustainable production has made BEWITAL petfood into one of Germany's most modern pet food manufacturers for dry and moist food.

Verpackungstechnologie Logo

Latest packaging technology

So that our food stays fresh for a long time, our sensitive products are packed using the latest packaging technology. We use our environmentally-friendly special film, which is printed with solvent-free colours.

Our packaging has been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute and granted the "Made for Recycling" award by the recycling specialist Interseroh.

Hochregallager und Logistik

Systematical warehouse management

Our high-rise warehouse (see photo above) provides space for 2500 pallets. Total material and information flow in the production, storage and distribution centre is supported by the warehouse management system. This dialogue-based monitoring of all processes from receipt of goods via production up to distribution ensures that our products are fully traceable.