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BEWITAL Gründung 1963

Growing up with this knowledge of animals, nature and natural cycles, Bernhard Wigger founded the firm BEWITAL in 1963. What began first as a small agricultural company developed over the decades into a famous manufacturer of special animal food.

Rezepturentwicklung 80er Jahre

At the beginning of the 1980s, we developed the first dog food recipes with nutritionists. Our food became particularly popular with professional dog trainers and breeders – and success in important competitions and championships in very different breed associations was not long in coming.

Inhaber BEWITAL petfood

Since the beginning of the 1990s there has been a cautious generational change within the Wigger family. Dr. Jürgen Wigger and his sister Ulrike Petershagen took over the management. From then on, the product range was regularly expanded. In January 2019, Bernd van der Linde was appointed as an additional managing director.

50 Jahre BEWITAL petfood

50 years BEWITAL! A big family celebrates.

We celebrated our 50 year anniversary for two days: It started with an international customer event on 15th June 2013. The following day, we celebrated the anniversary with our families which showed that - despite its size - the company group still sees itself as the BEWITAL family.

Bewital petfood Frischfleischvorbereitung

Construction of a new plant for fresh meat preparation

In the new plant, fresh meat is gathered from regional meat processing companies and prepared for the dry food production. The connection of meat preparation, dry and moist food production in one plant is a unique feature of BEWITAL.

Erweiterung BEWITAL Feuchtnahrungswerk

Extension of the moist food factory

The demand for our moist food is beyond all expectations. Only two years after implementing the factory, the production area is duplicated.

Weltweit einzigartiges Herstellungsverfahren

Worldwide unique production method

By following an innovative production process, BEWITAL can replace meat meal completely with fresh meat and furthermore saves big amounts of energy as well as fresh water. Thus, the new process was supported by the German Federal Environment Ministry’s environmental innovation programme.

Hochregallager BEWITAL petfood

Constructon of a high-rise warehouse

With a modern storage system, we provide the ideal delivery capacity to our trade partners. We dispose of more than 13,000 pallet spaces from which our products are send into the whole world by truck, train or ship.


Under the brands BELCANDO®, BEWI DOG®, DOGLAND® and aniVital®, BEWITAL today sells dog food and dietary supplements for every need and can supply all price segments. Cat food is also an integral part of the firm. The brands LEONARDO® and BEWI CAT® are particularly popular because of the high level of good ingredients and high acceptability.

Unsere regionalen Lieferanten

BEWITAL sees the future, first and foremost, in a sustainable and resource-conserving method of production. In this, the search for natural and easily digestible ingredients is one of the most important tasks.

The future

» We are proud of the fact that national and world champions rely on BEWITAL products. And also in global disaster management or in the toughest dog sled races, dog handlers rely on BEWITAL dog food. «