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Touring through the whole republic, our Expert for Market Development & Training is teaching the brand fundamentals to our clients in a very diverting and humorous way. The comprehensive training programme is dedicated to both newcomers in dog nutrition as well as domain experts.

Regional trainings for our German market

Belcando Mastercraft + Topping
Success in sales with BELCANDO® MASTERCRAFT

BELCANDO® MASTERCRAFT is our masterpiece of dog nutrition – which is why also the sales strategy should become a masterpiece in itself! In this workshop, together we will work out the customer approach to specific target audiences, helping you to facilitate the sales of BELCANDO® MASTERCRAFT even more! (WORKSHOP, ABOUT 150 MIN)
Belcando dogfood Verpackungen
BELCANDO® Dog Food – good explanation, even better sales!

What is so special about BELCANDO®? In this lecture, you will learn everything about the extraordinary ingredients, the holistic approach and the broad product range of BELCANDO® in order to provide an even more precise product consultancy to your customer! (LECTURE, ABOUT 150 MIN)
LEONARDO Verpackungen
LEONARDO® Cat Food – That’s how you fascinate even finicky cats (and their owners)!

Sometimes cats can be as unconventional as their owners. That is why we are even more proud of the success of LEONARDO Cat Food. To sharpen your understanding of this demanding target audience and to further improve your consultancy, we convey the philosophy behind our recipes and the nutritional concept of our popular LEONARDO® range. (LECTURE, ABOUT 120 MIN)

„Customers have questions – we provide the answers“

This course is dedicated to specialist retailers and their employees, who already have some experience in selling BELCANDO® and LEONARDO® products.
As part of this course, you can ask us any questions you have received from present customers and together we will sharpen your argumentations.
Gladly we will do the training in your branch store in order to create a realistic consultancy scenario right at your point of sale.
At the end, we will have worked out individual consultancy guidelines for you and your personnel.

Would you like to participate in one of our trainings?

Please get in touch with your Export Manager in order to get more information on the training opportunities in your area/country.
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