regionale Rohstoff-Lieferanten

Raw materials
from our

Wherever possible we procure our raw materials from regional agricultural firms, who, just like us, are connected to animals and to nature.

All raw materials are strictly monitored even beyond the requirements by the legislator. We have our own company laboratory for this.

regionale Rohstoff-Lieferanten
regionale Rohstoff-Lieferanten
regionale Rohstoff-Lieferanten

Meat comes first

At our production site in the Münsterland region, we use fresh meat to produce both moist and dry food. The advantage of preparing our own fresh meat comes from having direct access to local suppliers.

This means we have a direct influence on quality and can select meat that satisfies our high standards.


The great advantage of our products lies in the outstanding quality and variety of the ingredients. The raw materials are not available for large corporate groups in sufficient quantities and stable qualities.

In contrast, as a medium-sized company, we have the opportunity to ensure the use of valuable food-related additives (nutraceuticals) which can promote health:


Chia seeds

makes dogs feel full and helps digestion


Grape seed flour

supplies one of the highest antioxidant potentials of all foods



reduces unpleasant odours and acts prebiotically on intestinal flora


Antarctic krill

contains a particularly large amount of valuable omega-3 fatty acids

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Our suppliers

With many of our suppliers we have fostered a decades-long partner relationship in which improving quality at the best price is the very highest maxim.



» For us it is not procurement that is to the fore, but the wish to develop a qualitative and sustainable supply chain. «

Purchasing department

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  • Made in Germany
  • Best quality of raw materials
  • Outstanding flavour
  • Meat products exclusively from animals suitable for human consumption
  • No artificial colorings, flavours or preservatives